“The greatest dishes are very simple.”- Auguste Escoffier

Chef Summer Kortkamp

Meet The Chef

I am a classically trained Chef with experience
in a wide array of World Cuisine as well as
time-honored American favorites. My approach
to creating the ideal culinary experience for my clients is to allow the ingredients to speak;
to give them a voice. My cooking philosophy is that food anchors us; it steadies us and brings balance to our day-to-day routine.  Food ties us
to our families, to our cultures, and to our rich histories.  The act of eating brings us together, and in doing so, it creates vivid timelines and leaves a unique imprint upon our lives.  I like to treat each dining experience as a journey to remember.  I utilize organic, local, and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. This allows me to enhance the natural flavors of the components at their pinnacle of freshness.  Nature itself is in perfect harmony. My role as a Private Chef is
to listen to the symphonic rhythms of the ingredients, fine-tune, and adapt them
to the needs of my clients.



June Inspiration 
summer [suhm-er] noun
the period of finest development, perfection, or beauty previous to any decline

The month of June floats in as spring and fades gracefully in to summer. Once barren gardens flourish and begin to resemble an artists' palette; filled with the colors of the year's most vibrant harvest.
Juicy peaches, sweet berries, crisp peas, ripe tomatoes, and buttery squash are abundant and brimming with bright flavor. You may consider taking full advantage of the spoils of June by canning or freezing these treasures. Or, simply, drift into the heart of summer like the wisps of smoke from a charcoal grill.

Seasonal Ingredient Menu

Cool avocado and cilantro gazpacho
Charred sweet corn and poblano salad, epazote aioli
Sea scallop ceviche, grilled pineapple, fresh chive oil
Stuffed bison burger, triple cream Brie, summer cherry compote
Crispy zucchini cakes, herbed mustard dipping sauce
Summer berry mousse, orange zest Chantilly cream

Smoky Bourbon old fashioned, charcoal grilled oranges and cherries


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